X-Ray - Anjiografi

Girişimsel Anjiografi


Hybrid O.R. System/Hybrid Cath-lab System
The advanced angiography system supports the "hybrid approach", which supports vascular catheterization procedures with surgical procedures.


Coronary Intervention

Electrophysiology (EP)
Pediatric Intervention


Peripheral intervention
Other vascular interventions

Universal approach with Toshiba unique detector
     Girişimsel ve BT Tarayıcı

Collaboration system between an interventional angiography system and a CT scanner, makes it possible to perform complex procedure for vascular and non-vascular intervention.

Toshiba interventional angiography system Infinix™-i

There is a strong clinical requirement to identify lesions as early as possible and to rapidly provide treatment. A system is needed that can support clear fluoroscopy and radiography, enable a smooth pace for examination and treatment, and ensure a high level of safety. Infinix™-i meets these needs and reduces stress on the interventionalist, providing a safe, comfortable environment for catheterization examinations and treatment. In addition, multipurpose solutions such as cardiac/peripheral vascular and cerebral/abdominal vascular are available.

INFX-8000H   INFX-8000V   INFX-8000V Biplane   INFX-8000F   INFX-8000C
8000H   8000V   8000VB   8000F   8000C

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 Segmentation for different systems

 Infinix™-i technology

The system incorporates a highly operable C-arm, advanced image processing technologies, dynamic navigation technologies, and a variety of dose-reduction technologies.

 Infinix™-i history

With a long history dating back to the days of analog fluoroscopy and radiography, we now offer leading systems for the digital era.

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